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    Getting Order Notifications

    Getting Order Notifications

    Use our mobile app, TableSkip for Restaurants to accept online orders.

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    Download our app on your own tablet (iOS or Android).

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    • The app will ask for a restaurant code. This location:  
    • Share this code with anyone who needs to manage orders.
    • Watch this video about managing orders and using this app.

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    Closed some afternoons.
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    Payment Not Setup
    To accept online delivery orders or prepaid pickup orders, you'll need to setup payment.

    We process customer's credit cards using Stripe, a trusted solution for online payments. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.3 for credit card transactions. This, and our 1% fee is subtracted from your payout after the order is placed. We don't charge any other fees to your restaurant or customers. Inside your Stripe account, you’ll find options including where payouts are deposited. Please note, the restaurant remains the merchant of record, and we don't remit any sales tax.